3 Remodeling Services Worth Your Time (and 3 That Aren’t)

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Remodeling services can be more than just a headache when done improperly — they can cause you to lose money. That’s why we have come up with three remodeling services that are worth your time, as well as three that aren’t!

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Do Remodel:

  1. Kitchens – Kitchens used to be purely for preparing food. Now they are a gathering place and showstopping feature. You don’t have to entirely re-do your kitchen to see good results –anything you can do to modernize the kitchen will be beneficial.
  2. Bathrooms – Is your bathroom too tiny? Dingy? Remodeling your bathroom by changing the color of cabinets or adding new tile can do wonders and make this room more appealing.
  3. Upgrades – If you’re stuck with outdated or inefficient features in your home, upgrades are a great place to start. Even just replacing the outdated and energy-sucking appliances in the kitchen so they all match is a great start. You can also look at things like faucets, kitchen layouts, quality flooring, etc.

Don’t Bother With:

  • Bedroom Conversions – Once you remove the closet from a bedroom, it can feel expansive and spacious — perfect for an at-home office! However, it will no longer qualify as a bedroom, which can drastically reduce your home’s value.
  • Luxury Bathrooms – An in-home steam room or waterfall shower head and soaker tub should be relegated to forever homes, not a home that will need a new buyer at some point!
  • Sunroom Additions – Some additions, like adding a master bath, can pay off, but sunroom additions are a large cost for very little payoff.

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