More than Just a Floorplan: How Interior Design Fits into Your Custom Home

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When you start thinking about your forever home, you’re probably thinking of big-picture items. Things like the number of bedrooms or where the master suite is in conjunction to the rest of the house or how large you want the kitchen to be. All of these are important decision that you shouldn’t take lightly!

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There are other factors, however, that are much smaller but just as important. When you consider the interior design of your home, do you know how to ensure everything is cohesive and tailored to your style, all while staying within budget? A good interior design can help you achieve all these things!

Many people mistakenly believe that interior design is all about colors, fabrics, and décor, which is simply not true! An interior designer whose focus is on building a custom home not only chooses those aspects of a home, but also the crucial big-ticket features as well. With everything from cabinetry, countertops, tile, flooring, even the shape of the doors, all these things need be decided upon in a rapid-fire succession. When you have a custom home builder who is also familiar with interior design, you have hit the jackpot in terms of custom home building! A good interior design can make your home functional, customized, comfortable, and a place that you’ll want to stay in for a very long time.

If you want a custom home, but aren’t sure where to get started in terms of the details and features, we can help here at Lael Building Group. With years of interior design and construction experience, you can get the custom home of your dream with a design you’ll love.

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